What if

We could end all war

What if we could drastically reduce - even halt - famine, homelessness, oppression...provide all of the rights that every human being deserves?

What if I told you that we have the means and the resources right now to solve these unnecessary problems today?
And what if I told you that these answers lie right at our fingertips?

This is, in fact, incredibly possible and it involves three simple steps.

1. Collective Conscienceness.
2. One-World Government
3. Cut Military

The first step may confuse most readers, and the last two steps may appear extremely radical...but hear me out.

The first thing that we all must do is reach a state of Collective Conscienceness. To put it more simply, everyone must share like desires. Everyone must share the same goal(s). The goal in which we speak of here would be to end all human suffering (war, famine, disease, homelessness, etc.).
The utmost reason being, thought is all-powerful. More powerful, however, are words - be a catalyst! Even more powerful, is the written word. It is thought placed in a physical, tangible form.
Without Collective Conscienceness we can't hope to achieve much, because without firm demand from the masses, the elite will continue to control it all - even if they give us the illusion of self-control.

The second step is more difficult, and without the first step, very nearly impossible.
All 160 nations must unite under a one-world government. (No, I do not mean under any sort of dictatorship.)
I mean that we should unite using the same model that America's forefathers used to fuse the United States.
Let me first walk you through an example.
Almost 150 years ago, America was fighting against herself in the Civil War. Although America was technically united, each state was treated as it's own nation - even having differing currencies. The moment that we were officially one nation, under one constitution and one rule, there was war-no-more.
Of course there were disagreements, (as there always will be) but now everything is settled in a supreme court.
You don't see California and Oregon battling over water rights. Texas and New Mexico fighting for land.
So, just imagine the possibilities if we expanded upon the best political system in the world, and made it the only system.
I do not propose we elect one absolute ruler. Rather, not unlike the United States of America, every nation would elect two officials to represent them. For each major decision to be made, they would collaborate in a world court.
Thus, all nations would be united.
Like America, every country's wealth and resources would be shared - divided among everyone so that no country, city, village, town, or home will ever be hungry.
No one will go without shelter,
without water,
without healthcare.

Because there will be no way that they could.
We all would willingly (not forcefully) devote 10% of our income to provide for those who have less.
All disagreements would be settled in court, not on the battlefield.

Which leads me into the third step, which would be to cut all military.
This is an advance that could be even more dangerous than the second, as it leaves any country who does so in a seriously vulnerable place.
Who in their right mind would make this move first?
And why?

For these reasons, this is the last step in creating a more peaceful society.
Upon uniting under one government, all 160 nations will have agreed to be in alliance. You see, even our greatest enemies will cease to fight, because coming together will only be of benefit to them.
Even if, for some reason, a nation takes advantage of any one country's vulnerability, that country has 158 other nations to protect them, to back them up.

But I tell you this, once we unite - once we are willing to share, and not hoard our resources as if there are none left - there will be no more need for war.
Because no one will feel like they have to forcefully take anything from anyone.
No one will feel like there isn't enough, because there always will be.

Every human being deserves the right to food, water, shelter and healthcare.
And these are rights that we can give them.

So why haven't we?

I am Lion; Hear me roar.


  1. Well, i like the idea, but it sounds too easy. I mean, what would be the likelihood of all countries wanting to be united? I am not saying it isn't possible, because with collaboration it is, but i don't think it is probable. The chances of everyone agreeing with this method are scarce. I am not saying that the idea is bad, I actually find it an interesting point of view, but I am sure that there is a lot, or a majority, of people who don't share these beliefs.
    Also, let's say all but one countries agree with this method, it would still not be possible for that one country who won't cede. What would happen to the minority of countried who don't agree with this? Would we go to war, take over, and then completely have all countries to accept this?

    I want to hang out with you N-O-W, so we can discuss this!! typing is too much for this right now. haha. this calls for a serious face-to-face discussion.

  2. I think the problem wouldn't be to get all other small countries to agree, it would be getting the super-powers like America to agree!

    You see, this is a system that would actually benefit all the minor countries, because with this they will be sharing the wealth with larger nations.
    And it would be threatening to the ones currently in power, like America's elites, for it would mean that they were the ones who would be doing most of the sharing. And it would mean they would have to sacrifice much of their power.

    I also agree that we NEEEED to have a face-to-face discussion. I need more inspiration and stimulation anyways!

  3. Well, how about countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina or any south american country? I am positive none of those countries will actually agree, or come through with that idea.

    okay what the hell, when are we having this discussion forreal!? saturday perhaps?! or friday?!!


  4. I understand what you're saying. Again, the big countries like those are going to be more difficult.
    But to share the wealth WILL benefit them, and it would all be a matter of negotiation I think.