is not a trend.

And I find it really sad and disturbing that it is, in fact, becoming this way.
People conforming to New Age faiths such as Buddhism and Cabala, Scientology and Taoism at a whim - without so much as understanding the basic principles or beliefs.

I myself, who goes by no religion, know more of their "beliefs" than they do.

Coming across a Buddhist who isn't even familiar with the Dharma, or a Cabalist who didn't know the faith had Jewish roots - things like this upset me, because acts such as these taint the names of these religions, and hurt the ones who truly have it in their hearts.

I fully support and encourage everyone to find their true beliefs, and I understand the road there may lead you to experiment and try out many things, but don't make a commitment that you don't even understand.

Educate yourself.

I am Lion; hear me Roar.


  1. i remember we discussed this once; about the conversation you had with that one girl who claimed Buddhism but was clueless when you started talking abou it's basic beliefs..
    Unfortunately there are a majority of people that don't live with substance or opinion; "Madonna's really into Scientology I want to too!" .. these people are the reason for a lot of bad in this world. lol. I don't mean to come off ignorant; but doesn't the quote go; "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.".. for all these people know Cabala could be a religion glorifying Hitler! Ignorace is Bliss to them and it's all about the label. It has no meaning to them.

  2. I'm like yourself, I do not believe in a specific religion. I would have to disagree with your statement calling Buddhism a new age faith. Its been around before Christ, its over 2,500 years old.

    overall I do agree with the rest.