"Time by moment steals away

First by hour, then the day.
On thine eyelids is the shadow of death."

Often, we are grimly reminded of our mortality as human beings... Some of us more often and to a higher degree than others.
As for me, I think about my future often (in this lifetime, as well as beyond it) and I base many of my decisions on how I see myself five, ten or fifty years from now... but, I wonder, how does one's perspective of time effect the way they live their life? Is it really a significant factor in the decisions we make every single day?

You can clearly see where I'm making this connection by just observing the different people in your life... Someone who is stuck in their past (positively or negatively) are often turned off by any sort of change in their lifestyle or beliefs. I think the best example lies in elderly people; they grew up in a certain fashion, and object to learning much more of anything. It's very simple to see why... People of a certain age are not apt to being future oriented simply because in their future lies an end to their life. There comes a point in one's life when it is just more practical to live in the past (or present.)

It is also clear to observe someone who lives in the moment. The past is already a dream, and the future is unpredictable. People like this tend to be much more impulsive - buying that new pair of jeans rather than saving up for a future. Someone caught up in the moment are more likely to make decisions that satisfy the "now." Eating an ice cream sundae, smoking a cigarette (or even marijuana), drinking a beer or gambling... The consequences of the future are a minute factor in their decision making, if even a factor at all.
However, I do not mean to denounce the lifestyle of living in the present - in fact, I believe that every person should have a healthy balance of these traits. Being able to take risks, relax or let go of past experiences are all healthy and recommendable habits for one's psyche.

One last observation to make is a person who is strongly future-oriented. Someone who plans, plans, plans and continually works hard towards an indeterminate future. Typically a person like this leaves little time to let loose because there's always work left to get done; there's always something else they can do to inch their way towards their goals... This isn't necessarily a bad thing - a person caught up in this perspective will often reach success, but will they achieve happiness?
To me, it all depends on what goal they're attempting to reach, and how they are getting there. For example, a person who wishes to acquire success in literature may spend much of their free time writing and experimenting and creating. I believe that it would be safe to say that this is something they enjoy doing, as it is what they see themselves doing for the rest of their life, and so in this perspective, is being consumed in one's life work damaging or beneficial?
It all comes down to this: When a person becomes obsessed with the goal, and forgets about the journey, this is when the process becomes faulty... When someone lives their life in this way, I can guarantee that they will look back upon their life and regret the moments they could have had, but missed because they forgot about living in the moment.

At the end of everyone's path is death... This is not meant to be a solemn and depressing statement, but a reminder of one's mortality.

Take moments from the past; learn from them and apply them to decisions you make now. Do not dwell in these memories, however. For they are simply memories.
Live and glorify each and every moment - because "now" is the only reality in your life; the only thing you can be sure of is what you are experiencing "now." Do not dwell in these moments, however. For today's pleasure is tomorrow's regret.
Remember that you are creating your future with each decision you make. Be conscious of what you want to achieve, and work towards a future that you will love. Do not be afraid of change, however. For tomorrow is something that you will never be able to foresee.

I am Lion; Hear me Roar.


I grew today.

It's almost scary how much someone can impact your life without you even being aware of it. Someone who you seemingly weren't even very close to... My co-worker passed away today, and I am completely broken.
I firmly believe - know - that life does not end at death... I believe that one lives forever in many different forms, and that every single soul chooses its departure. In other words, he had accomplished what he came to accomplish, and his spirit was ready to evolve.
That being said, I know that Death should be treated as a celebration of sorts - and I'm really not so much broken up over his decision to move on...
I'm just...ashamed of myself for not soaking in the moments I had with him to get to know him better. From the moment we started working together I always had this feeling that I needed to get to know him better, to talk with him and open up with him... but I never did because "there was always next time."
I'm going to say this - if you don't remember anything I've ever said, if you're simply skimming my words, then please remember this:
It's things such as this that truly teach me that the most powerful advice one will ever hear is to "Treasure each person as if it is the last time you will speak to them."
I was working with him yesterday. It was busy, and I hardly spoke to him... We joked around a little bit but I can not imagine how differently I would have spent yesterday had I known what was going to happen.
I would like to say this - this man was the prime example of how someone should appreciate their moments. Never did I hear him complain about working too much, never did I see him angry, never did I watch him pass up a moment to make someone laugh...
So, please, please, please...listen to my words and start making the extra effort to make someone you know smile, or help someone with a problem, to open up to someone; anyone, to embrace someone - even if you're running late... And when your heart tells you that you need to appreciate these moments with that one person in your class, at work, or even at home - by God, listen to it.
I know that these words will seem somewhat hollow until, or unless, you've experienced it yourself... but please, there are cliches for a reason. If only I had followed my own advice, rather than simply giving it. If only, if only.

I miss you. Very much.

I am Lion; Watch me Sleep.


What if

We could end all war

What if we could drastically reduce - even halt - famine, homelessness, oppression...provide all of the rights that every human being deserves?

What if I told you that we have the means and the resources right now to solve these unnecessary problems today?
And what if I told you that these answers lie right at our fingertips?

This is, in fact, incredibly possible and it involves three simple steps.

1. Collective Conscienceness.
2. One-World Government
3. Cut Military

The first step may confuse most readers, and the last two steps may appear extremely radical...but hear me out.

The first thing that we all must do is reach a state of Collective Conscienceness. To put it more simply, everyone must share like desires. Everyone must share the same goal(s). The goal in which we speak of here would be to end all human suffering (war, famine, disease, homelessness, etc.).
The utmost reason being, thought is all-powerful. More powerful, however, are words - be a catalyst! Even more powerful, is the written word. It is thought placed in a physical, tangible form.
Without Collective Conscienceness we can't hope to achieve much, because without firm demand from the masses, the elite will continue to control it all - even if they give us the illusion of self-control.

The second step is more difficult, and without the first step, very nearly impossible.
All 160 nations must unite under a one-world government. (No, I do not mean under any sort of dictatorship.)
I mean that we should unite using the same model that America's forefathers used to fuse the United States.
Let me first walk you through an example.
Almost 150 years ago, America was fighting against herself in the Civil War. Although America was technically united, each state was treated as it's own nation - even having differing currencies. The moment that we were officially one nation, under one constitution and one rule, there was war-no-more.
Of course there were disagreements, (as there always will be) but now everything is settled in a supreme court.
You don't see California and Oregon battling over water rights. Texas and New Mexico fighting for land.
So, just imagine the possibilities if we expanded upon the best political system in the world, and made it the only system.
I do not propose we elect one absolute ruler. Rather, not unlike the United States of America, every nation would elect two officials to represent them. For each major decision to be made, they would collaborate in a world court.
Thus, all nations would be united.
Like America, every country's wealth and resources would be shared - divided among everyone so that no country, city, village, town, or home will ever be hungry.
No one will go without shelter,
without water,
without healthcare.

Because there will be no way that they could.
We all would willingly (not forcefully) devote 10% of our income to provide for those who have less.
All disagreements would be settled in court, not on the battlefield.

Which leads me into the third step, which would be to cut all military.
This is an advance that could be even more dangerous than the second, as it leaves any country who does so in a seriously vulnerable place.
Who in their right mind would make this move first?
And why?

For these reasons, this is the last step in creating a more peaceful society.
Upon uniting under one government, all 160 nations will have agreed to be in alliance. You see, even our greatest enemies will cease to fight, because coming together will only be of benefit to them.
Even if, for some reason, a nation takes advantage of any one country's vulnerability, that country has 158 other nations to protect them, to back them up.

But I tell you this, once we unite - once we are willing to share, and not hoard our resources as if there are none left - there will be no more need for war.
Because no one will feel like they have to forcefully take anything from anyone.
No one will feel like there isn't enough, because there always will be.

Every human being deserves the right to food, water, shelter and healthcare.
And these are rights that we can give them.

So why haven't we?

I am Lion; Hear me roar.



is not a trend.

And I find it really sad and disturbing that it is, in fact, becoming this way.
People conforming to New Age faiths such as Buddhism and Cabala, Scientology and Taoism at a whim - without so much as understanding the basic principles or beliefs.

I myself, who goes by no religion, know more of their "beliefs" than they do.

Coming across a Buddhist who isn't even familiar with the Dharma, or a Cabalist who didn't know the faith had Jewish roots - things like this upset me, because acts such as these taint the names of these religions, and hurt the ones who truly have it in their hearts.

I fully support and encourage everyone to find their true beliefs, and I understand the road there may lead you to experiment and try out many things, but don't make a commitment that you don't even understand.

Educate yourself.

I am Lion; hear me Roar.


You do not exist

at least, not to me.

And I do not exist, to you.
I can't picture your face or body or voice. Your presence is something I have not experienced - or, at least, I'm not aware of the experience.

You've lived a life, experienced love and hope and sorrow and hardship, but to me this means everything and nothing.

The path you took has somehow led you to this text.

So, in essence,
Although I don't know you, I'm connected to you.
Although you've never met me or touched me or asked me anything,
You are connected to me and I might be answering your questions.

All this seems to pose a familiar question:
"If a tree falls in the middle of the forest, and there is no one to hear it, does it make a sound?"
Rather, "If you are living a life, and I am not there to see it, do you exist?"

With the understanding of hardship, I do feel sadness and worry for those I haven't met. For the ones lost in war or poverty or depression.
Am I aware of their existence, or am I projecting my own experiences into the world and - in essence - only feeling sad for myself?

I am Lion; Hear me roar.



I came across an article:


that pretty much confirmed and expanded upon a lot of what I've been thinking for the past month or so. It's an incredibly interesting 2012 theory if you're familiar with the concept.

If you're not aware of the 2012 prophecy, I'll explain in a nutshell:
December 12, 2012 is the prophesied date of the "End of the World." It's been predicted by the ancient Mayans, by Nostradamus, found in the Bible Code, etcetera. There is a lot of debate and speculation as to whether this means the literal End of the World, or the End of the World as we know it.

(Read the article, if you haven't already.)

Personally, there's a lot of truth to this exposition, and the theories it presents. For example, the fact that we're in the Age of Pisces stood out a lot to me:

Pisces = Fish = Jesus/Christianity.

In other words, we are in the Age of Christianity, and according to recent statistics, Christianity is one of the fastest falling religions in the world right now. (http://www.religionstatistics.net/statamer1.htm) As the Age of Pisces is ending, and the Age of Aquarius is approaching, the Christian movement is rapidly losing its influence.

Also in the article, it explains that the Age of Aquarius represents Brotherhood; humanitarianism. Maybe it's just me, but I can feel the human race becoming closer and more unified as Aquarius draws near.

The central theme of this theory was Energy. It explains in depth of how the transition would drastically alter the Earth's force from the inside-out. Everything from our bodies to our machines to our power-systems will all react completely different, and even stop working completely.
I have never taken the End of the World to mean the End of the World; the end of civilization. I compare it closest to the Noah's Ark myth: The Earth needs to cleanse itself of it's corruption; of the infection that has very nearly destroyed our planet.

It's like the World is detoxing herself from 2,000 years of hard drugs, or an extremely unhealthy diet.

It's difficult to comprehend a life without a cell phone, a computer, a television, a watch, a refrigerator, an iPod, batteries, a PlayStation, a vehicle, an airplane.
To lose almost everything we've been raised to survive on in one day...But we've done it hundreds of times. This is not the first transition Earth has made, and it will not be the last. In fact, we were not the first one's to discover electricity or or vehicles or computers. That has been discovered, created, used and lost and discovered again hundreds of times over.

How else could we explain ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics depicting the use of light bulbs or helicopters?

- http://www.world-mysteries.com/sar_lights_fd1.htm
- http://www.catchpenny.org/abydos.html

How could we explain flying crafts and television-like objects painted in 15th century artwork?

- http://stray-dog-blog.blogspot.com/2007/03/ufos-in-ancient-artwork.html

How could we explain ancient records of a land lost at sea, a land with flying cars and skyscrapers and teleporters and technologies that we have only dreamed of? A land lost as they corrupted and destroyed themselves when the world made one of many transitions into a new Zodiac Age. Was it because they advanced too quickly? Or because they couldn't learn how to survive without their technology?

Whatever the reason, whether the 2012 predictions prove true or a fallacy, it doesn't hurt to learn and be prepared for whatever may come.

I am Lion; Hear me roar.


A View on Specism

I promise, it's not as long as it looks!

Since the beginning of time, we have practiced the universal act of prejudice; jealousy and ignorance fueling hate against a different race, religion, individual, social group, age, gender, wealth (or lack of) and a countless amount of other reasons which make every single one of us unique.

No one is exempt from feeling the shame that follows being judged for who you are. Black, white, young, old, male, female, Christian, Muslim, skinny, overweight, smart, dumb, Republican, Democrat…and I could go on, but why?

Why, if we all know the hurt, do we continue the cycle? Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve been so focused on stopping the hate in our own species that we forget about who we’re affecting outside the human race. Maybe it’s because they don’t have a voice to speak out with. Maybe we just don’t care…but, can you truly tell yourself you are not prejudiced while feeling superior to an animal,

Just because you can?

The simple desire to live happily and peacefully alone should be enough reason to see every creature equally. Of course, very few will view it in this perspective, but the issue remains. Both humans and animals alike share the desire to live happily and harmoniously. The austere difference is that matured humans have the reason to make their lives so. Animals do not share this trait – but neither do newborn children. Yet, we are tender and loving to newborns, understanding of their helplessness, and not to animals who, similarly, rely on us to make their lives happier and more peaceful. So why is a newborn babe any different than a newborn pup? Besides species, they are not. They desire life and they desire the joys of living it.

Whether they get the opportunity to enjoy their special lifetime generally lies in our hands. Many of their experiences, good or bad, we give to them. Who would want to give up that control? As a society, we are a very controlling group of creatures. We thrive with power and wherever we can get it, we will take it. We love to feel superior – rather, the illusion of superiority. Whether we get the thrill from parenting or racism or even leading a country – everyone has the option of feeling that power over an animal, and everyone can take advantage of that power, but without the guilt, without consequence, because we all have been conditioned to believe that it is okay. Century upon century, animals have been used as tools to give humans the sense of power that they lack in other areas.

Is that not wrong?

A long time ago, it was acceptable to define our basic needs as “instinct,” which it plainly is. They instinct to eat, the instinct to drink, the instinct to sleep, the instinct to have sex, the instinct to survive and so on. Recently, due to psychological advances, we have been defining those needs as “drives.” The drive to eat, the drive to drink, the drive to sleep, the drive to have sex, the drive to survive, etcetera. This does not at all change the fact that they are still, in fact, instincts.

We, not unlike animals, share the same basic instincts – must share these instincts – in order to survive. The very things we speak of here, “survival of the fittest,” “King of the jungle,” are simply barbaric survival tactics.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

To make a point now that can only make this speech more controversial, let’s talk religion.

If you believe in God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh – whatever you wish to call Him – I would like to make a litigious point, and ask you keep an open mind.

God created all creatures, human and animal, Himself. How can you say that one of his creations – or a certain type of his creations – is any lesser than another? He is God; everything he creates is special and extraordinary. He does not make mistakes, and he certainly would not create one soul-bearing creature to serve or be lesser than another soul-bearing creature in any way.

I also realize that many Christians do not believe animals to have souls – yet, in Ecclesiastes 3:18-20, the Bible states:

"I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts."

"For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity. All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again."

And the Quran also states in verse 6:38:

"There is not an animal on Earth, nor a bird that flies on its wings, but they are communities like you. Nothing have We omitted from the Book, and they all shall be gathered to God in the end."

Also mentioned in Hadith,

“Animals do pray to God as other creations do. Believers shall go to Heaven.”

You may have been unaware that before the Great Flood, eating animals was literally unheard of. God had placed everything humans needed to eat in plant-form. It was only after the Flood, when much of the environment was damaged, that people began to consume meat – and after tens of thousands of years, the plant-life has been restored, and it is not longer necessary, but still we do it out of habit and out of instinct.

If you are a believer in Darwinism, otherwise known as evolution, then think of this – we, at one point, were ourselves knuckle-walking apes. Were we then less special or important than we are now? Only by evolution and us standing upright do we become greater than every other creature? Were we at one time equal to other animals and, if so, why not now? If you were to get promoted at work, do you suddenly become better than all the people who you worked among just the previous day? Some people, I know, will say yes – but no matter what, you are still the same person, still the same as everyone else, you just have a shinier nameplate.

Maybe you feel as if animals are not the same as we are because they are not as intelligent or are purely instinctual. They haven’t contributed anything to the world, and they can’t.

A dog has the same amount of intelligence as a three-year old child. Dolphins have a developed language – as do almost all animals. Chickens are extremely social, and they even play organized sports with each other, similar to soccer. Penguins have and recognize life partners. Chimpanzees have been sent into space after years of study, learning the same routines as their human counterparts for research. Apes have used reason and logic to identify patterns and solve complex problems. There have been endless stories of animals – wild and domesticated – saving the lives of humans.

The list goes on and on. So many things we ignore…because they choose to. To continue ignoring the issue - Specism - could be devastating. For thousands of years, we have treated animals as inferior, as less than who they are - no one speaking for them, just pushing the issue into the shadows. Still, many of them remain loyal and forgiving, just a couple of the many honorable attributes that we “superior” humans lack.

The time has come to step up and speak out for the millions of the abused, tortured, murdered and oppressed creatures that can not step up and speak out themselves.

Hardly one-hundred years ago, scientists tested on blacks, Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally and physically challenged…The Jewish and Asian were forced into concentration camps. Blacks were owned as slaves.

Maybe one-hundred years from today, someone will be saying the same horrid things about these oppressed creatures, and maybe we will be shocked to hear it.

It is time to give up the power – end the corruption.

You can never expect to achieve true peace if you continue to support the harm and discrimination against animals.

Please, use your freedoms to promote theirs.

I am Lion; Hear me roar.

I'd like to explain

"A Sea Change,"

It's a term coined by William Shakespeare in his play, The Tempest.
A Sea Change is a radical, and somewhat mystical, revolution. I have the excerpt under the title,but here it is again:

ARIEL [sings]:
Full fathom five thy father lies;
Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes:
Nothing of him that doth fade
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.
Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell

The reason behind this name choice is simply that - I am counting on a strange and revolutionary change. Whether it be from me, or someone totally different is inconsequential.

All I want to do is inspire, inform, create and transform.

I have high hopes for what's to come, and this blog is an exploitation of anything that stands in between me and that hope.

I aim for controversy.

I am Lion; Hear me roar.